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EditHi everyone I created this blog to get writers the chance to have someone read their books and give their honest opinion and give readers the chance to participate in the writing process. That is they are part of the writing and help shape the characters to get a perfect novel in the end. It should be noted that the novels posted here have not been polished so be considerate if u have a comment. 

Writers could get their books to me and I will publish them in here for readers to reach. However, the the books may not be complete since we don’t want our writers to publish their books for free. I look farward to getting your feedback. 

The Guy In The Bus 

Hello everyone this is a short story inspired by a journey the writer once took hope you like it and pls comment to let us know what you think.

It was going to be an eight hour drive and Anna sat patiently waiting to see her next Neigbour walking in and seat next to her. She waited with an empty seat next to her getting her mind ready for whoever would fill it.


“Someone fat? Hope not, I’ll have to squeeze. Smelly? Definitely not, I’ll have to hold my breath for right hours. Rude? Well I just wouldn’t talk so OK. But what if he’s cute? Well I’ll just pray the eight hours take forever.”

 She wondered to her self alone hoping she doesn’t have to deal with any discomfort. A minute later someone stopped just next to her and as she took her eyes off her and from his feet up to his face, her phone never got her attention till the end of the journey. 

The fine looking guy politely asked her if he could seat next to her with a broad smile that made his blue eyes glow. She gladly said “yes” and smiling right back at him but tried not to express her excitement knowing she had landed the best neighbour and she wouldn’t mine if the journey took forever.

All they did was exchange names and stayed quiet for a while before he noticed how sleepy she was and offered his shoulder for her to rest on. She insisted the contrary but all it took was a few minutes of quietness for her to dose off on him since she had spent all night awake.

He watched her sleep and even though she snored, it was not too loud and it only made her look cuter in her sleep. Just halfway into the journey, he had to wake her up since he had reached his stop. Even though he wished he had talked with her for a while longer, he couldn’t but tell her nicely that he had a nice journey and that she looked nice even while snoring in her sleep and he wished they had talked more and ended by wishing her a safe journey.

They both smiled even though she was abit embraced about the snore. As he dropped off and the bus drove pass him, he waved her goodbye and she smiled at him waving right back regretting why she slept off instead of chatting even though she couldn’t help herself.

For the rest of the journey, she wondered what they would have talked about and where their conversation should have led them had she not fallen asleep. To her he will always be the guy in the bus but she would never stop wondering what more would have happened.

A sweet gesture that can move people 

Hollo eyerone, today we will be taking a break from our novella ” things I should have said” to talk about something special. You can check our previous post and let me know what you think.
Most often the people around us are our biggest fans, driving force, support system, Muse and a whole lot of other things but sometimes we fail to recognise what they do for us. 

Well like everyone, they also need to feel important and its never a weakness to tell or make them feel just how important they really are. Today in approximately two minutes my brother and I sang a short song with him on the keyboard and sent it some special people to us. It was a simple gesture and we only hoped for a smile but we almost got them in tears filled with excitement. 

It was only a small gesture but it sent across the message of how loved they are and definitely made them feel special. 

 It doesn’t have to be something big, just do it with all your heart and the results will be amazing.

Try doing something special for someone and comment to let us know how it works for you.  I’ll be waiting!!

“Things I should have said” end of chapter one. 

  1. To read other parts of chapter one, check our previous post. Waiting for your view about the story through a comment. 

​She realized she was never going to sleep if she continued lying on that bed so she decided to grab a quick snack and maybe watch a movie with the hope that she will fall asleep. It was already one in the morning and she was pretty cold so she raped herself in her thick tiger skin colored blanket and dragged herself to her kitchen, opened the refrigerator and took a slice of low fat plain cake she had baked two days ago and an apple put on a plate struggling to allow just a small part of her hand leave the blanket into the cold.

She was finally back in her room after walking with all caution not to let the cold get to her.  She turned on the medium sized flat screen she had in her room and the first face she saw was that of Sam with those blue eyes looking straight at her…( well not really, he was just staring at the comers).

He was being interviewed at the party since it was the first time he attended in person the press was having their fill of him. She hurriedly changed the channel then she remembered that for the past two years she was always on the couch at that time waiting to watch the party highlights hoping and wishing for the day to come when she would be really be able to be there in person but now that she was in attendance, it turns out she didn’t even stay till the end of the party. For a minute, she thought of herself to be brainless for haven left that amazing party all in the account of avoiding Sam. A part of her wished she had stayed to have a good time and with her latest achievement, she definitely would have been interviewed and might have been looking at herself on the screen. But she consoled herself with the thought that she would not have missed having a confrontation with Sam and it wouldn’t have been fun giving that she might not have been able to hold back the anger she felt inside. It would only have led to nothing but an embracement and the press would have had a great time so she probably did the right thing to go home.

The next channel had a replay of a Steve show going on so she stayed on it and tried her hardest to get herself to focus on it. Even though she watched, her mind was still far wondering how the night might have turned out had she stayed at the party. Should we have had the chance to talk? What could possibly be his explanation for such an arrogant behavior? Would he even have explained? Those are the questions that ran through hear head till she fell asleep. She woke up the next morning with a head ach, the TV still on and to realize that she couldn’t remember when she fell asleep then it downed on her that last night’s party was real and not just a dream.

Sam woke up on his couch in his house in LA feeling very tired and remembered he had hardly slept a wink last night. He spent the night reliving the moment he was introduced or should I say reintroduced to Nicole at the party. “She was looking elegant in that dress and she acted so gracefully” he thought to himself even though he knew he didn’t deserve even a minute of her time and he didn’t know how she will react but he was impressed at her composure. No one could notice they had known each other and she looked so calm like she didn’t even remember him. But he knew her and he knew she that even though she talked and smiled so gracefully, she had a lot of anger buried inside those radiant eyes of hers and that though she said “nice to meet you” as they shock hands, her words definitely did not convey what she truly felt.

Things I should have siad chapter 1 continues 

Hello everyone each post will be a continuation of the previous one till the end of the novella. Pls send in your comments so the writer knows what you think and if you are a writer and want your book (or a part of it) out here just get to me.

To any average girl she should have had a fulfilling evening being the most beautifully dressed, the youngest and to many people the most beautiful girl at the party. But Nicole on the other hand was far from being fulfilled. She had just resurrected memories she was so sure she had buried till earlier that night. “Ten long years…” she  continued leaving the window to one end of the room then pacing  back and forth with the back of her gown rolling behind her like a bridal Vail.

She left the party a few minutes after being introduced by her branch head to Sam Williams the president of the company’s head quarter in New York. She was being introduced personally because the president had insisted he had to meet her. It’s no wonder he came in person to this year’s party and did not send a representative as he had done the past years.
It is obvious since Nicole had moved up in the chain of the business, her name had reached Sam and he definitely would not miss the chance to meet her and try to correct the mistake he made then years back. But he is being unwise to think Nicole will want to talk to him let alone forgive him considering how badly he had hurt her in the past.

Sam stayed at the party a while longer but it was certain his mind was far from there. This was confirmed after Dave spoke to him for a while but had no response. So he turned to check and found his friend deep in thoughts and so preoccupied he couldn’t even notice the waiter standing next to him signaling him for a refill of his empty champagne flute. Dave immediately grabbed a glass for himself and waved his glass signaling for the waiter to leave them and come back later then patted his friend on the back to bring him out of his thoughts and whispered to his ear “you’re hopeless”. The first thing Sam said was “she still has those dimples that used to make my heart melt and make me forget time existed each time I would hang out with her”.

“Nicole might have left like an hour ago but I bet u can still see her”… Dave replied with a smile on his face. I now see why you didn’t even notice when the lady in white standing at the extreme end of the room was trying to flirt with you. Really? I didn’t notice Sam said. Of course how could u? and no wonder u insisted we have to be in LA this weekend. I must admit though, She is indeed a piece of beauty …and I must say u didn’t exaggerate when u described her to me Dave replied.

Nicole had still not come to terms with the fact that she had just met Sam Williams her high school love  who had abandoned her and  just left without a trace, without saying goodbye and never tried to reach out to her and now reappeared ten years after and turns out to be her boss. It was too much for her to handle… I mean for anyone to handle. She had just been promoted and was still adjusting to her new load of work and was trying to work on her social life which has been unstable ever since her heartbreak as a teenager. She took off her gown and walked to the bathroom still in deep thoughts. “ But it’s ok am sure I can handle this he is my boss yes but we don’t get to work together besides he is in New York and am right here in LA and besides we have our separate lives now he is happy and I am happy”. She dried her hair after taking a shower and slip into her sky blue night gown and went to bed. For about an hour she tried to sleep to no avail she could only see herself reliving the moment she saw Sam few hours back.

“Those eyes still have the same effect on me” she thought within her smiling into space like he was right in front of her. His eyes are as blue as the sky at mid day in summer and that was the first thing that attracted her to him years back and from all indication they still had the same effect on her. He looked right into her eyes with such boldness and confidence and smiled like nothing had ever happened between them. “Who does he think he is?” she thought. But that smile allowed those blue eyes to glow and remind her of so many memories she had tried to put behind her.

Novella title “Things I should have said”

Hello everyone this is our first novella and we will get each chapter in a couple of posts. Pls read and be sure to share comments that will help the writer grow and improve on her writing and Dont forget to like and follow. Hope we all enjoy it.


It was about 11 pm Friday night and Nicole Adams was standing by her six foot tall window looking stunning in the long red satin gown which she let flow to the ground behind her. She had let her long, dark, straight and silky hair  flow to the right side of her chick making enough room for her crystal shaped diamond earrings to glow on her left chick and just have a glimpse of light on her right. Her hair being pulled to one side made enough room for the details at the top of her dress…( details which drew her to the dress in the first place) to be noticed by almost every one she ran into at the party. It was not particularly provocative but it was definitely noticeable.

She had just made an early return from the annual board members party which she had been planning for months now. It had not been up to a year since she was promoted to a board member at the lower level. A promotion she well deserved. Being her first time at this party she was obviously excited since she had only got the chance to watch the highlights over national TV stations a couple of times. Her intention was to look pretty, meet new people and make new friend but she ended up doing far more than that. She was totally lost in thoughts before she heard herself say out loud “Nicole that was 10 years back you’re over him.” “But why does he have to look even better now?” she continued so loud you will think she had company in the room.

Soliloquizing, speaking to herself or Saying her thoughts out loud…( whatever you may call it ) was a habit she had developed since childhood and it actually made her have very little secrets as people often walked in on her talking alone. That however had taught her no lessons…( well at least not yet ).

Getting a book finished. 

I walked around for more than a year with this idea in my head. I was so certain I wanted it down somewhere were someone could read it out to me, for me, or even long after am gone. My greatest problem was getting it finished. Thing is I could never get if finished if I didn’t start in the first place. 

Starting is really hard because it requires you to invest time you will rather use watching a movie ( in my case) or some other interesting activity or entertainment. Well to finish that book, U’ve got to start writing it. It doesn’t have to be a chapter a day or even a race. You could just write a few pages and trust me when you start, you’ll crave to continue and that’s the first step towards getting it finished. The feeling of haven completed a short story or book or novel is priceless and trust me nothing can give you that except the completed work.

I hope you start something soon and keep me updated on your progress.