Getting a book finished. 

I walked around for more than a year with this idea in my head. I was so certain I wanted it down somewhere were someone could read it out to me, for me, or even long after am gone. My greatest problem was getting it finished. Thing is I could never get if finished if I didn’t start in the first place. 

Starting is really hard because it requires you to invest time you will rather use watching a movie ( in my case) or some other interesting activity or entertainment. Well to finish that book, U’ve got to start writing it. It doesn’t have to be a chapter a day or even a race. You could just write a few pages and trust me when you start, you’ll crave to continue and that’s the first step towards getting it finished. The feeling of haven completed a short story or book or novel is priceless and trust me nothing can give you that except the completed work.

I hope you start something soon and keep me updated on your progress. 


Author: goodnessndikeh

I just wrote two novellas and am working on something new. Am not a published author yet but I created this blog for writers to get comments from their potential readers. #worldoffiction#

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