Novella title “Things I should have said”

Hello everyone this is our first novella and we will get each chapter in a couple of posts. Pls read and be sure to share comments that will help the writer grow and improve on her writing and Dont forget to like and follow. Hope we all enjoy it.


It was about 11 pm Friday night and Nicole Adams was standing by her six foot tall window looking stunning in the long red satin gown which she let flow to the ground behind her. She had let her long, dark, straight and silky hair  flow to the right side of her chick making enough room for her crystal shaped diamond earrings to glow on her left chick and just have a glimpse of light on her right. Her hair being pulled to one side made enough room for the details at the top of her dress…( details which drew her to the dress in the first place) to be noticed by almost every one she ran into at the party. It was not particularly provocative but it was definitely noticeable.

She had just made an early return from the annual board members party which she had been planning for months now. It had not been up to a year since she was promoted to a board member at the lower level. A promotion she well deserved. Being her first time at this party she was obviously excited since she had only got the chance to watch the highlights over national TV stations a couple of times. Her intention was to look pretty, meet new people and make new friend but she ended up doing far more than that. She was totally lost in thoughts before she heard herself say out loud “Nicole that was 10 years back you’re over him.” “But why does he have to look even better now?” she continued so loud you will think she had company in the room.

Soliloquizing, speaking to herself or Saying her thoughts out loud…( whatever you may call it ) was a habit she had developed since childhood and it actually made her have very little secrets as people often walked in on her talking alone. That however had taught her no lessons…( well at least not yet ).


Author: goodnessndikeh

I just wrote two novellas and am working on something new. Am not a published author yet but I created this blog for writers to get comments from their potential readers. #worldoffiction#

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