Things I should have siad chapter 1 continues 

Hello everyone each post will be a continuation of the previous one till the end of the novella. Pls send in your comments so the writer knows what you think and if you are a writer and want your book (or a part of it) out here just get to me.

To any average girl she should have had a fulfilling evening being the most beautifully dressed, the youngest and to many people the most beautiful girl at the party. But Nicole on the other hand was far from being fulfilled. She had just resurrected memories she was so sure she had buried till earlier that night. “Ten long years…” she  continued leaving the window to one end of the room then pacing  back and forth with the back of her gown rolling behind her like a bridal Vail.

She left the party a few minutes after being introduced by her branch head to Sam Williams the president of the company’s head quarter in New York. She was being introduced personally because the president had insisted he had to meet her. It’s no wonder he came in person to this year’s party and did not send a representative as he had done the past years.
It is obvious since Nicole had moved up in the chain of the business, her name had reached Sam and he definitely would not miss the chance to meet her and try to correct the mistake he made then years back. But he is being unwise to think Nicole will want to talk to him let alone forgive him considering how badly he had hurt her in the past.

Sam stayed at the party a while longer but it was certain his mind was far from there. This was confirmed after Dave spoke to him for a while but had no response. So he turned to check and found his friend deep in thoughts and so preoccupied he couldn’t even notice the waiter standing next to him signaling him for a refill of his empty champagne flute. Dave immediately grabbed a glass for himself and waved his glass signaling for the waiter to leave them and come back later then patted his friend on the back to bring him out of his thoughts and whispered to his ear “you’re hopeless”. The first thing Sam said was “she still has those dimples that used to make my heart melt and make me forget time existed each time I would hang out with her”.

“Nicole might have left like an hour ago but I bet u can still see her”… Dave replied with a smile on his face. I now see why you didn’t even notice when the lady in white standing at the extreme end of the room was trying to flirt with you. Really? I didn’t notice Sam said. Of course how could u? and no wonder u insisted we have to be in LA this weekend. I must admit though, She is indeed a piece of beauty …and I must say u didn’t exaggerate when u described her to me Dave replied.

Nicole had still not come to terms with the fact that she had just met Sam Williams her high school love  who had abandoned her and  just left without a trace, without saying goodbye and never tried to reach out to her and now reappeared ten years after and turns out to be her boss. It was too much for her to handle… I mean for anyone to handle. She had just been promoted and was still adjusting to her new load of work and was trying to work on her social life which has been unstable ever since her heartbreak as a teenager. She took off her gown and walked to the bathroom still in deep thoughts. “ But it’s ok am sure I can handle this he is my boss yes but we don’t get to work together besides he is in New York and am right here in LA and besides we have our separate lives now he is happy and I am happy”. She dried her hair after taking a shower and slip into her sky blue night gown and went to bed. For about an hour she tried to sleep to no avail she could only see herself reliving the moment she saw Sam few hours back.

“Those eyes still have the same effect on me” she thought within her smiling into space like he was right in front of her. His eyes are as blue as the sky at mid day in summer and that was the first thing that attracted her to him years back and from all indication they still had the same effect on her. He looked right into her eyes with such boldness and confidence and smiled like nothing had ever happened between them. “Who does he think he is?” she thought. But that smile allowed those blue eyes to glow and remind her of so many memories she had tried to put behind her.


Author: goodnessndikeh

I just wrote two novellas and am working on something new. Am not a published author yet but I created this blog for writers to get comments from their potential readers. #worldoffiction#

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