For New Bloggers 

10 Tips for New Bloggers –


Author: goodnessndikeh

I just wrote two novellas and am working on something new. Am not a published author yet but I created this blog for writers to get comments from their potential readers. #worldoffiction#

2 thoughts on “For New Bloggers ”

  1. Hey there! So I said that I would check out your blog…and I did.
    Just a few things:
    I really like the idea of your blog! You’re going to have a great community if you stick to what you say your blog is about.
    Some advice: avoid using “text-language” and saying things like “u” instead of “you”. It looks unprofessional and might turn away some would-be followers. Obviously, you haven’t completely detailed your blog, so try to add some more widgets and maybe some pictures that will make your blog look more exciting.
    Other than that, everything looks great!


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