The Guy In The Bus 

Hello everyone this is a short story inspired by a journey the writer once took hope you like it and pls comment to let us know what you think.

It was going to be an eight hour drive and Anna sat patiently waiting to see her next Neigbour walking in and seat next to her. She waited with an empty seat next to her getting her mind ready for whoever would fill it.


“Someone fat? Hope not, I’ll have to squeeze. Smelly? Definitely not, I’ll have to hold my breath for right hours. Rude? Well I just wouldn’t talk so OK. But what if he’s cute? Well I’ll just pray the eight hours take forever.”

 She wondered to her self alone hoping she doesn’t have to deal with any discomfort. A minute later someone stopped just next to her and as she took her eyes off her and from his feet up to his face, her phone never got her attention till the end of the journey. 

The fine looking guy politely asked her if he could seat next to her with a broad smile that made his blue eyes glow. She gladly said “yes” and smiling right back at him but tried not to express her excitement knowing she had landed the best neighbour and she wouldn’t mine if the journey took forever.

All they did was exchange names and stayed quiet for a while before he noticed how sleepy she was and offered his shoulder for her to rest on. She insisted the contrary but all it took was a few minutes of quietness for her to dose off on him since she had spent all night awake.

He watched her sleep and even though she snored, it was not too loud and it only made her look cuter in her sleep. Just halfway into the journey, he had to wake her up since he had reached his stop. Even though he wished he had talked with her for a while longer, he couldn’t but tell her nicely that he had a nice journey and that she looked nice even while snoring in her sleep and he wished they had talked more and ended by wishing her a safe journey.

They both smiled even though she was abit embraced about the snore. As he dropped off and the bus drove pass him, he waved her goodbye and she smiled at him waving right back regretting why she slept off instead of chatting even though she couldn’t help herself.

For the rest of the journey, she wondered what they would have talked about and where their conversation should have led them had she not fallen asleep. To her he will always be the guy in the bus but she would never stop wondering what more would have happened.


Author: goodnessndikeh

I just wrote two novellas and am working on something new. Am not a published author yet but I created this blog for writers to get comments from their potential readers. #worldoffiction#

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